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HelpDesk VNC 3.1



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HelpDesk VNC gives you instant remote connectivity to any Windows based computer system. By simply installing the "HelpDesk VNC Remote" software, the client computer will be automatically connected to you in a matter of seconds. No client configuration is ever required, even if the client computer is behind a firewall. Furthermore, there is no need to open router ports on the client side, just click and go.

First, you will activate "HelpDesk VNC Listener". Then, direct the client who requires support to open the "HelpDesk VNC Remote" support program. When the client opens the file, the connection is automatically initiated and you are ready to provide hands on support.

Once a connection is initiated, the remote client computer screen will appear on your support computer screen. This will allow you to completely control the client computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.


# Now works in Windows Vista O/S
Works with Windows Vista and makes support faster and easier by automatically answering UAC. You can reboot and reconnect in normal mode or safe mode.

# Remote Client Creator Wizard
The Remote Client Creator Wizard lets you create the remote client with the customizations that you want. You can change your company name, logo, HTTP links, Add a password, change messages that the user sees and Connection choices.

# Session Time
HelpDesk VNC tracks session time even after the computer has been rebooted. You always know how long you have been working on the remote system.

# Auto Reconnect
HelpDesk VNC will auto reconnect back to you if your connection is lost for any amount of time.

# HTTP Links
Add HTTP Links to your remote client to download and launch those programs that you always use. Examples can be Antivirus software, Spyware remover, Registry Cleaner, PDF Reader. Any Execuatable on the web can be downloaded and launched with one click. Alternatively it could be pointed directly to a webpage to open up in the default browser

# Small Download Size
The "Help Desk VNC Remote" file that the client must download is as low as 293k. This means that you can spend more time providing technical support and less time waiting for the file to be downloaded.

# Repeater
Have your clients connect to you even when you are on the road behind a firewall.

# One step install
Just open the executable file and you are connected or the remote user can choose which connection to make. It is up to you. As long as the client can access the internet or the local lan a connection will be established.

# Router / Firewall Friendly
Even if the client is behind a router or firewall you will be able connect right to them without any configuration. No ports on the client router will ever have to be opened.

# One license
You will be able to support an unlimited number of remote computers from anywhere you have an internet connection. There is no need to purchase licenses for the computers you will be supporting. There is NO monthly, yearly or connection charges. HelpDesk VNC is sold at a one time charge.

# Reboot and Auto-Reconnect in normal mode or safe mode
When you install updates or new software the computer will usually need to be rebooted in normal mode. If the client has a virus or spyware sometimes the computer needs to be rebooted into safe mode. With Help Desk VNC, the client computer will Auto-Reconnect back to you when the reboot is complete in whatever mode you request. There is never a need to have the client continually go through procedures as you update their system. Simply re-boot the client's machine, and wait for it to reconnect automatically.

# Easy Un-install
When you have finished providing technical assistance, or completed an upgrade, just click on the "X" on the HelpDesk VNC toolbar. The program will be completely removed. There is never a need to depend on the client to uninstall the program or to be concerned with potential security risks.

Systems: Windows 7, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.0, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows2003

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